Thabo Matue

  • Organisation: Statistics South Africa
  • Role: Principal Software Developer

Thabo's Biography

His love for solving problems using technology,and mainly computers made him get into the world of tech. Thabo was recently invited as a Guest Speaker at Africa Tech Week in association with Africa Teen Geeks. He is currently the youngest Principal Software Developer at his current organisation.

He aspires being a Specialist Principal Software Engineer and a Machine Learning Engineer in one of the Big Tech companies. He fuels and drives his motivation to go beyond his work of empowering society in terms of the 4th Industrial Revolution skills without expecting anything in return for his contribution to society.

Thabo also assist other students from various instituitions with their coding projects(mainly coding projects) with an objective to guide and empower them rather than spoon-feeding them with the answers which would deny them an opportunity to learn.

Favourite Quote

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.- Nelson Mandela

Dear South African Geeks,

Choose one area of specialisation, focus on it wholeheartedly until you have mastered it, then know a little bit of everything. Above all, I wish you Geeks everything of the best in your professions. Lets work together and raise the SA flag high in tech.

- Thabo Matue

Thabo's Work

  • -Vehicle Management System

    -Sales and Services dashboard

    -Parts locator

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