16.03.2014 – 16.03.2080

With so many problems in South Africa, a new generation of problem solvers must be prepared and well equipped with the know-how.

Future Geekstars initiative seeks to nurture and groom tomorrow's set of problem solvers through technology.

About The Future Geekstars Initiative

The Future Geekstars seeks to prepare and channel Geek of the future in South Africa through technologies and solutions that will have impact now and in the future. Programnmes of the Future Geekstars initiative includes the Youth ICT and Business VacWork programme, STEM Outreach and SkateHacks.

A hands-on programme for Tech excitation and enlightenment

All the programmes within the Future Geekstars initiative are strured to be hands-on and have projects created at the end.

Future Geekstars in Numbers

Creating impact since 2014

Scholars reached
27 240+

Projects developed

Communities visted



What happens during the programmes?

All programmes are structure to expose the youngsters to tools used in the industry in order to expose them to trends and channel a wider thinking towards creating better technologies.

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    Learning different technologies in the industry

  2. service-list

    Coming up with innovative solutions to solve societal challenges

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    Writing code to build a solution with guidance from the mentors

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    Creating business cases against the solution

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    Prosenting the solution at the end of the programme


Key programmes of the Future Geekstars initiative


Holidays with the Geeks coding, working on real-life projects and how to build a tech startup


Taking coding to skate parks, putting sensors and creating apps to make skateboards master

GeoData Challenge

Helping navigate, story map and building better societies from spatial data sets

Community Outreach

STEM careers excitation and enlightenment in community through various activities

Highlighted Stories

Careers ignited / elevated through the VacWork

Help build the future

There are different ways to get involved in build the future together with Geekulcha and partners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some answers you might be looking for

There is no cost associated at for Geekulcha specific programmes but there may be a requirement to cover own transport.

Transport is always provided but if there is a partner to support, transport may be provided.

Occurence will be communicated as to when the time period comes, through email or social media. Register below to stay alert.

Unless state otherwise (with Terms and Conditions compliment) - the Interllectual Property of the solutions created, belong to the creator(s) of the solution during the programmes.

Use the button above to express your interest as a volunteer for the programmes.

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