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Geekulcha is your tech growth one stop, building a culture of Geeks in Afica

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With over 27 000 techies, this is a chance to connect with like-minded techies across Africa.


There are many opportuinities to learn and acquire new skills for your developmental needs.


Help the ecosystem grow by sharing and enlightening your acquired knowledge onto the community

Inspire The Future

A quest to help young school learners see what is possible and build up same energy and stamina on them.

What does Geekulcha really do?

Geekulcha exists to create and enable platforms for innovation and creativity through tech excitation at a contextualised and developmental approach.

Championing development of these groups:

Starting Them Young: Building excitation and enlightenment onto young minds from high school. Geekulcha guards tomorrow's Geek Culture.

Tertiary - Student Growth: Academic excellence through tech and innovation leadership on campus. The GKSS initiative also builds Tech and Innovation leadership capacity.

Young Professionals: Development onto one's career and getting exposed to opportuinities. The programmes exposes techies to technologies and industry leaders.

Marginalised Communities: People from low-income, the elderly, women & girls, people living with disabilities, rural/remote areas and historical marginalised.

Geekulcha Goals of Development

The following are 6 goals that Geekulcha seeks to achieve in developing a future proof Geek Kulcha.


Industry Exposure

An ultimate showcase of tech talent for work or collaborative opportuinities

An Inclusive Tech Culture

Leaving no one behind and creating conducive and enabling environment for all.

Capable Skills Force

Channeling skills development for the needs of civilization and a forecasted future.

Digital Emancitipation

Digital culture shift and achieving a state of activive and safer digital consumers.

Sustainable Development

An accelerated business value, enterprising mankind and creating better environment

More Producers Than Consumers

Africa must become a high-end creator of technologies for global consumption

Who we work with

Geekulcha has a global footprint and serve both local and international organisations

  • The Presidency
  • FCDO
  • CPSI
  • GIZ
  • IBM
  • UJ
  • RS South Africa
  • Telkom
  • Microsoft
  • HERE Technologies
  • Paystack

Labs Around The Country

These are the labs

Vuliqgondo Digital Lab

Maphotla Village

The Vuligqondo Digital Lab is formed as a creative lab for collaborative innovation network by sharing in real-time solutions, brainstorming, exchanging ideas of each other and promoting the prototype system, products and designs for the development of the technology SMMEs in Mpumalanga for inclusive economic growth.

Vuligqondo Digital Lab is an initiative of Vuligqondo Research and Manufacturing Centre to create an enabling environment for technology innovation through achieving the mandates of Vuligqondo Innovation Networking Platform which is aimed at establishing a networking platform to bring together research, development and innovation communities, technology SMMEs, industry and government in order to support socio-economic development through innovation.

The Vuligqondo Digital Lab acts as a controlled testing environment of innovative technologies. This Digital Lab is equipped with appropriate infrastructure and simulate real-world-like setups to test the usability and effectiveness of new products before being deployed on the market.

Mthatha Youth Dev Labs

Eastern Cape

The 4th Industrial Revolution is well echoed within the South African policy directions, innovation ecosystems and indeed, the education sector.

Against this backdrop, the St. John’s College and Umtata High School had sought to invite the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) and Geekulcha to assist in bringing tech enlightenment activities with an aim to help the youth better understand and set course towards actuation of the 4IR, contextual to their livelihoods.

A different kind of a revolution for the youth of 2022 against those of 1976 - the youth in Mthatha will be exposed to different technological artifacts and tools to help define and live up to a digital narrative that resonates impact.

NCDev Living Lab

Barkly West
Northern Cape

NCDev Ecosystem is a Localized Geekulcha platform, a platform for ICT Students to connect, learn, share and put skills to real use. The Northern Cape Developer (NCDev) Ecosystem platform was established to build a developer/maker momentum in the province in 2015.

The Northern Cape Developer (NCDev) Ecosystem platform was established to build a developer/maker momentum in the province.

Bokamoso Digital Lab

Bochum, Blouberg

Due to poverty in rural areas and accessibility to information and innovation support, rural grassroots innovators find it hard to participate in the Innovation Ecosystem Initiatives.

The Vuligqondo Research and Manufacturing Centre NPC in collaboration with GEEKULCHA, Blouberg Local Municipality and Malebogo Tribal Authority response to this problem was to establish a rural friendly Digital Lab (Bokamoso Digital Lab) to support local innovation with resources and infrastructure as well as equipment to enable technology innovation in the region.

This Digital Lab was established to address a gap, identified as a result of establishing the BRINP at Blouberg Local Municipality.

In Numbers

Composition of the Kulcha

Appland is completely creative, lightweight, clean & super responsive app landing page.


Across Africa

27 0000+


Munching on code



Built at different programmes


Work Opportunities

Team members since 2013


Champions of the Kulcha

These are some of the minds who have helped guide Geekulcha or continue to be on the ground in making light work.

Original fan of the Geeks, Linda helped Geekulcha understand the landscape of the industry. Also played a role in getting Geekulcha involved in the creative industry.

Miss Linda Swart Lead: Innovation Harvesting, Standard Bank

A senior manager responsible for the Knowledge & Innovation Economy at Northern Cape DEDAT - Mr Grewan has provided light and access to reach even more marginalised communities in the Northern Cape

Mr Rodwyn Grewan Senior Manager, N. Cape DEDAT

Dr Mclean Sibanda always had an open door policy for Geeks. His passion for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship has helped Geekulcha learn more about the ways of the industry.

Dr Mclean Sibanda MD, Bigen Global Limited

The Geekulcha Digital Fossil, Mr Steve Jump is fundamental at Geekulcha programmes especially through providing guidance in Information Security skills development.

Mr Steve Jump MD, Custodient Advisory Services

A lecturer of a kind - Miss Eva Mmamabolo is a perfect example of the Geekulcha mantra. Her will and drive to exposing students to different programmes in the industry has been very crucial.

Miss Eva Mmamabolo Lecturer, Sol Plaatje University

Geekulcha's counsin - Muzi is always with Geekulcha on the ground enlightening and imparting skills where it's needed the most. We also thank his organisation, the CPSI for the support.

Mr Muzi Ntombela CIO, the CPSI

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the organization is limited with resources, various ways are made to help local Geeks and industry be part of the Geekulcha platform including:

Community Member: Staying up to date with the shifts of the industry and opportuinities
Lead Geekulcha on Campus: Be part of the GKSS structures on campus
Provincial Champion: Represent Geekulcha at your own province
Mentor: Support local Geeks with their growth paths
Future GeekStar: School learners can become scholars through the VacWork programme

We have the Future GeekStars initiative which is used as a platform to monitor the progression of learners from high school to tertiary level and then to the job market so that the transition is made easy.

The main focus is on skills development and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that will make them be active leaders of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

School learners may be registered for the holiday VacWork programme.

Geekulcha was primary created for university students and still has a key focus on them hence the organization leverages on academic partnerships to create and enable more opportuinities for students.

Students at universities can take part of these programmes:

Student Leadership on campus (GKSS)
Hackathons and Mapathons
Student VacWork Programme

In most cases, Geekulcha crew would be busy with other projects and as such, we owuld refer you to a developer in the community.

From time to time we host the programmes in the townships. Digital Literacy programmes or trainings are set fr rural and remote areas.