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Someleze's Biography

Someleze aspires to carry on enabling young geeks out there to use the technology at their fingertips and create opportunities for them to grow, attain jobs and make impact in their communities.

In 2020 he picked up a new self-taught skill with a different technology that was new to him, from there he decided to use that technology to make rapid impact within his university by building app for a student organization. This one moment and investment became a threaded needle that would score him a job opportunity a year later (2021) with a local company that was looking for talent that had that specific technology as a skill.

A few short months after that I was able to get a score a full time role with one of the Big Tech Companies, Microsoft and achieving my goal of working for his dream company. With the job opportunities aside, one of the key goals he was to enable his peers and those who come after him to attain the same, if not better, opportunities than he had.

Through the experience he had as a student and tapping into the corporate world he hosted a Bootcamp at his previous university centered around certifying a select number of students, enable them to build their portfolio through building real world solutions with the same technology he used in 2020. Through this bootcamp, the top students were offered internship opportunities by an industry partner (his old workplace) and the proceeded to get more opportunities from the university to build social impact projects that automate their university's traditional system.

Favourite Quote

Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection - Mark Twain

Dear South African Geeks,

Never stop pursuing your passion for technology and innovation, always look for ways to improve yourself. Embrace challenges, take risks, and keep learning. Believe in yourself and your ideas, and don't let anyone discourage you. Your unique perspective and skillset are invaluable, and the world needs your contributions. Keep pushing boundaries and reaching for the stars. You've got this!

- Someleze Diko

Someleze's Work

  • As part of my work as a Cloud Advocate, he works closely with other teams within Microsoft on initiatives that will enable students, rising developers and start ups to take positive advantage of the Power Platform to build projects, improve the Power Platform Products, boost their portfolio and enhance the start-ups' productivity.

    In a summary, the projects that he works on as a Cloud advocate are centered around 30daysofLearning initiatives that enable students, rising developers and start-ups to use new technologies to enhance their skills and productivity whilst getting first-hand feedback that we can use to improve our technologies.

    1. Enactus DUT timesheet mobile app – the app automated the timesheet capturing and
    management process for Enactus DUT and enable the organization to have a seamless
    platform to carry out audits both at University and National level.

    2DUT ENGAGEMENT APP – enables the Durban University of Technology to streamline

    projects within the university (by students and staff) in the form of recording project and
    activities to allow the University to allocate necessary resources and support to these
    projects. The DVC: RIE Office utilizes this app to generate management reports in the form
    of Power BI reports to easily form partnerships with mutual benefits and see the overview of
    projects/activities that are contributing to the DUT ENVISION2030.


    3Institutional Covid-19 App 2021 – with the help of the Power Platform, the frustration of

    doing health-checks using a USSD/link led to the development of the Covid-19 App that
    students had easy access to do a self-check, receive a health certificate, and present the
    certificate at the University access points. For students with Covid-19, the app would send
    approval request to the HOD/Course Coordinator to approve/reject the campus access
    request. Once approved the app automatically generates a Permit with the student’s details
    and sends it to the student to access the campus clinics for assistance.

    4. Power Platform Bootcamp Durban – this project introduced a selected number of DUT

    students to the Microsoft Power Platform, enabled them to prepare and write 2 Microsoft
    Professional Certification exams (PL:900 Power Platform Fundamentals & PL:100 Power
    Platform App Maker Associate) for free and enabled them to build Power Platform Projects
    with actual industry requirements to apply their newly attained skills. 14 of the 20 students
    attained the professional certificates and the top 3 students with outstanding projects
    received an internship with one of the program stakeholders, Greenlight Solutions.


    5. Water Consumption Project (Open source for a conference) – this solution enabled students

    and developers to take advantage and build an End-to-End solution using Static Web Apps,
    Machine Learning, Minimal API, IoT and .NET Maui. The .NET MAUI app would utilize the
    Minimal API to send data and receive these predictions then display them. This addressed a
    scenario on how a human can keep track of how much water they consumed and predict
    how much water will they consume in future. The data would be received from IoT devices
    that would then send the data to a Machine Learning Model, train it and make predictions
    on how much water was and will be consumed.


    6. Inspire SA – he has co-led this YouTube channel with his peers focusing on upskilling those

    around them with the relevant tech skills, showcasing/advocating women in tech and
    building a platform for students to meet and learn from renowned tech industry experts.


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