Siziwe Sithole

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Siziwe's Biography

Siziwe Sithole got into the tech world because she saw how tech or digital world is becoming increasingly pervasive and influential in all aspects of our lives. It has transformed the way we work, communicate, learn, entertain, and even think and she wanted to be a part of those developers that have ability to make a positive impact to the society.

Her ultimate goal is to contribute to the advancement and responsible use of technology to benefit humanity, to introduce her personal Computer Case VR software at TUT.

One of the highlights of her tech career was creating a Virtual Reality software that won at a Hackathon. Also as a result of upskilling herself, she added a Multiplayer feature to the software.

Favourite Quote

It’s better to try and fail rather than fail to try. - Unknown

Dear South African Geeks,

Broaden your horizon.

- Siziwe Sithole

Siziwe's Work

  • As Virtual Reality software developer, she developed a Motor Mechanics VR software which helps students on how to assembly, maintain and repair a motor vehicle. She also has my own personal Computer Case project in which the user assembles and disassemble the computer case.

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