Zime Nxumalo

Founder & CEO #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024

Zime Zizwe Creatives

Zime Nxumalo

  • Organisation: Zime Zizwe Creatives
  • Role: Founder & CEO

Zime's Biography

Zime Nxumalo is a trailblazing blockchain developer on a mission to revolutionize industries. As the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Zime Wezwe Creatives and a respected Huawei and Schneider Electric Ambassador, Zime has forged a remarkable path in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) landscape.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Information Communication Technology from Durban University of Technology, Zime's foundation in cutting-edge technology sets her apart. She honed her skills and expertise as a mentee in the prestigious Varsity Genie and Innobiz program, where she embraced the power of blockchain technology as a catalyst for transformation.

Zime's unwavering pursuit of innovation led her to become a mentee then mentor for both Durban University's Innobiz, an exclusive three-year incubation program that nurtures visionary entrepreneurs and Varsity Genie. Here, she cultivated her ability to think outside the box and developed a keen strategic mindset, paving the way for her disruptive ventures.

Known for her exceptional communication and customer service skills, Zime brings a unique blend of technical prowess and interpersonal finesse to the table. Her problem-solving acumen coupled with a passion for delivering exceptional results sets her apart in the industry.

As esteemed Executive member of 4IR Network, Women in Web3 JHB Sub-Chapter Head, and Graduate Trainee in Channel Marketing and Sales of Schneider Electric SADC channels. Her deep understanding of blockchain technology empowers her to envision possibilities where others see limitations.

Driven by the motto "Do the Impossible," Zime seeks to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what is achievable. She believes that blockchain has the power to reshape industries, and she is committed to leveraging this disruptive technology to unlock new opportunities and drive meaningful transformation. She is the recipient of Mail & Guardian Top 200, Most Improved Business of the Year 2023, FOYA Founder and Techpreneur of the Year 2024 nominee and phenomenal public speaker - having been on both local and international stages.

Dear South African Geeks,

One should always learn to turn their pain into profit as everything worthwhile is the result of courage in the midst of pain.

- Zime Nxumalo

Zime's Work

  • Huawei and Schneider Electric Ambassador, Executive member of 4IR Network Women in Web3 JHB Sub-Chapter Head

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