Thulani Mabuza

Cybersecurity Consultant: Team Lead | head #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024

Orange Cyberdefence

Thulani Mabuza

  • Organisation: Orange Cyberdefence
  • Role: Cybersecurity Consultant: Team Lead | head

Thulani's Biography

They are always happy to share, impart knowledge and mentor others in order to upskill and impart knowledge, as well as initiatives to ensure that Interns, as well as other team members, are empowered and equipped to be successful

Dear South African Geeks,

Do not be afraid to sail the rough seas, if the wind will not serve - Take the oars :-) Simply Put: Explore the world of tech with no limitations, if something does not work consider an alternative (& That is why Debugging is a thing in Dev xD) - And have fun while at it!!!

- Thulani Mabuza

Thulani's Work

  • A proficient Cyber Security Team Lead, running the Pre Sales team for both Managed Security Services, as well as Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, and Managed Vulnerability Scanning.Thulani is equipped with a diverse skill set encompassing Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Security Audit, Cloud Security, Security Solutions Architecture, System Analysis & Design, and Systems Analysis development, spanning across major platforms.

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