Tanaka Dhliwayo

Founder / Managing Director #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024

Tanie Codes Org

Tanaka Dhliwayo

  • Organisation: Tanie Codes Org
  • Role: Founder / Managing Director

Tanaka's Biography

Born and bread In Soweto, she does digital skills programs and Introduction to Programming (coding) lessons in different schools in Soweto fostering digital brilliance in youths especially girls. She is a coding and Robotics tutor/ mentor. An IT & CAT tutor. A Girls in STEM (Tech) advocate, Tanaka is dedicated to championing diversity, ensuring that young girls not only have a seat at the table but are also empowered to lead in STEAM fields. Youth in STEM advocate, founder and executive director @ Tanie codes edu and tanie codes org. and she is obsessed with girls discovery in tech.

She's thrives to become a beacon of light and a catalyst for change and being at the forefront of championing change for the girl child and making sure no girls are left behind.

Founder and director @ Tanie codes edu & Tanie Codes Org which is an information and educational Computer technology Non profit Organisation, introducing girls to skills in computer programming and technology with a focus on basic computer skills. The programme includes empowering ,supporting, giving knowledge and enabling the next generation of change makers ,tech gurus and problem solvers in the technology industry. The mission at Tanie codes org is to bridge the opportunity gap for underrepresented youth & women in the tech and entrepreneurship sectors. They seek to propel underrepresented girls and women of color through educational attainment and pursuit of STEM careers and increase their representation in tech and engineering fields

Advocating for girls & women is something she is very passionate about. providing youth especially girls and women access to engaging computer programming education that ignites their interest in tech, unlocking their potential, and leading to more equitable communities.

Her goal is clear to spark tech interest in youth especially girls and she envisions a future where every girl regardless of their background, is empowered with cutting-edge #STEAM knowledge.

Dear South African Geeks,

To take up space because they belong within the tech industry, they should not let their past determine their future, they are the narrator of their own story this means they can determine what their future. Take up space young black child!

- Tanaka Dhliwayo

Tanaka's Work

  • 1. Host Coding Work shops for youth

    2. Girls coding and robotics camps

    3. School robotics clubs

    4. Tutors IT and CAT to school learners

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