Precious Lesupi

Founder / Data Scientist #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024

Queers Code

Precious Lesupi

  • Organisation: Queers Code
  • Role: Founder / Data Scientist

Precious's Biography

While pioneering technology solutions and breach the digital divide, it is important to remember to be inclusive of minority groups in the tech work we do and solutions we come up with. What drives Precious is the advocacy for inclusivity of minority groups. Imagine you come up with the best period tracking health app but a blind person can't use it, or a trans man doesn't feel included and can't use it, that is the impact they strive towards.

Dear South African Geeks,

Remember minority groups when building tech solutions. Inclusive, accessible tech that challenges identity biases matters.

- Precious Lesupi

Precious's Work

  • * Python Basics Bootcamp Bloemfontein

    * SheSTEAM Conference Limpopo

    * AI for Accessibility Hackathon Bloemfontein

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