Mokakatla Masekela

Founder #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024

ByAfrica Expeditions

Mokakatla Masekela

  • Organisation: ByAfrica Expeditions
  • Role: Founder

Mokakatla's Biography

He firmly believe that my projects wield a profound influence on society, catalyzing positive change and empowerment across diverse sectors, namely sports, education, and multimedia. These endeavors possess the potential to ignite social and personal development, spur economic growth, and uplift communities, thereby leaving an indelible mark of progress and transformation within townships, rural areas, and peri-urban communities, not only in South Africa but also across the broader African landscape.

1. Economic Empowerment: Introducing innovative local event categories that foster collaboration between small businesses and established organizations or brands holds promise in generating employment opportunities, stimulating local economies, and nurturing entrepreneurship. This, in turn, empowers individuals and communities economically, addressing longstanding disparities at the grassroots level.

2. Social Cohesion: By championing projects that embrace a modern approach to athletics and community engagement, I aim to fortify social bonds and foster unity among diverse groups. This inclusivity cultivates a sense of belonging and shared purpose, addressing critical social gaps and fostering a more cohesive society.

3. Education and Skill Development: Through initiatives such as the ByAfrica School & Kasi Hackathon, Read Alex, Run Alex Junior Development and Diboxify, I am committed to delivering blended educational programs and skills training to empower individuals at all levels. By equipping my teams, sub-committees, and brand affiliates with the requisite knowledge and tools, I ensure they thrive both personally and professionally, paving the way for sustained growth and success.

4. Community Impact and Future Vision: Through a program called; Yello Road he supports emerging athletes from rural and peri-urban backgrounds is a cornerstone of my vision. By providing essential resources such as race registrations and athletic apparel, I address the barriers these athletes face and nurture their potential. This initiative is rooted in a deep understanding of their challenges and aims to prevent promising careers from faltering due to lack of support.

In the future, Yello Road plans to develop a subscription-based platform offering a wide range of services including apparel & embroidery, coaching portals, logistics, tracking & analytics, CRM & loyalty programs, youth-academic-development LMS and nutrition & food-bank network. Their aim is to nurture a holistic healthy lifestyle community that thrives on continuous growth and opportunity. 

Dear South African Geeks,

Embarking on this journey marks the beginning of an exciting path. As you navigate the challenges ahead, remember the essence of why you started – self-awareness and continuous growth. These qualities will be key not only to your current project but to succeed in all aspects of life.

- Mokakatla Masekela

Mokakatla's Work

  • Run Alex Athletics Club Technical & Multimedia Lead - Migrating the Run Alex brand identity from offline to online and developing week-to-week digital and media support channels. 

    Run Alex NPO Brand lead - Brand Development, Digital Storytelling, New Business Development, Community Engagement, Stakeholder Engagement, and Partnership Activation

    ByAfrica School Founder & Kasi Hackathon co-founder - blended afterschool learning experiences with Scratch and Scratch Jr Geekulcha - Adjudication and Business Ideation mentor

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