Matshepo Soto

Founder #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024

EmpowerHer Tech Foundation

Matshepo Soto

  • Organisation: EmpowerHer Tech Foundation
  • Role: Founder

Matshepo's Biography

Passionate about crafting code and fostering inclusion, Matshepo is a dynamic force in the tech world. Renowned for her innovative solutions and commitment to diversity, she's garnered accolades such as Rising Star in Coding Women Awards and Top 15 Young Geeks Awards 2024 Finalist. Matshepo also earned recognition as a candidate for the 100 Influential Women in Tech magazine, further solidifying her impact in the industry.

As a vocal advocate for women in tech, Matshepo became the founder of EmpowerHer Tech Foundation, empowering aspiring female coders worldwide. Her influence extends beyond coding, with appearances on international TV, advocating for gender equality in tech. When not coding, she enjoys networking, adding depth to her vibrant journey

Dear South African Geeks,

To the visionary South African Geeks, your passion for technology and innovation serves as the driving force behind progress in our digital age. Your dedication to mastering your craft not only empowers individuals but uplifts entire communities. Keep pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts. Your invaluable contributions pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Moreover, I urge you to continue championing diversity and breaking gender stereotypes within the tech community.

By fostering an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, feels valued and empowered to contribute, we strengthen the industry and drive innovation to new heights. Let's work together to ensure that all voices are heard, all perspectives are respected, and all talents are recognized. Together, we can build a tech ecosystem that celebrates diversity and thrives on the collective brilliance of every individual. South Africa stands proud to have such visionary geeks leading the charge towards a more connected and innovative world.

- Matshepo Soto

Matshepo's Work

  • LearnCodeNow Website: Pioneered the creation of, a dynamic platform curating a wealth of information on both physical and online coding institutions and bootcamps. This visionary project aims to break down barriers to coding education, serving as a beacon for aspiring tech enthusiasts to easily discover and pursue their learning journey.

    In a mere 8 months, she has: Cultivated a devoted TikTok following of over 14,600 individuals, sparking a genuine passion for tech in their hearts.

    Personally mentored and guided more than 1000 eager minds towards the vast opportunities within the tech realm, contributing significantly to the growth of a skilled and diverse tech community.

    Garnered international recognition by making a notable appearance on China Global Television Network, where she fervently expressed her enthusiasm for catalyzing change in the tech space through her influential role. Amplifying the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in technology. Matshepo's impact extends not only locally but also resonates on a global scale, highlighting her commitment to fostering positive change in the tech industry.

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