Lehlohonolo Malomane

C-Founder #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024


Lehlohonolo Malomane

  • Organisation: FundaniBot
  • Role: C-Founder

Lehlohonolo's Biography

A software developer with a passion for leveraging technology to make a positive impact. His journey into the tech world began with a spark of curiosity and a relentless drive to learn and innovate. Winning top 3 at the Geekulcha Annual Hackathon in 2023 paved the way for him to co-found FundaniBot, a forward-thinking tech startup dedicated to revolutionising the education sector.  At FundaniBot, they harness the power of artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions that enhance learning experiences and empower educators

He described by his peers as a very well driven young man and a great problem solver. Him and the whole team involved in developing the Fundani Bot. "He is very talented and always questions what is, in order to find a solution for how it should be". 

Lehlohonolo thrives on challenges and am constantly seeking new opportunities to grow and expand his skill set. Whether it's coding, problem-solving, or collaborating with like-minded individuals, he is always eager to push the boundaries of what's possible in the tech world.

Dear South African Geeks,

Young geeks of South Africa, you have the power to build the future! Coding, tinkering, and creating aren't just hobbies – they can change our world. Imagine using tech to solve problems, design solutions, and build something amazing. South Africa needs your fresh ideas and creativity to thrive. Tech can take your wildest inventions and turn them into reality, so keep dreaming, keep building, and keep coding! The future is bright, and you hold the tools to make it shine.

- Lehlohonolo Malomane

Lehlohonolo's Work

  • Fundani Bot - Fundani adapts to your learning style, providing targeted resources to help you understand and master each topic.

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