Freddie Manyate

Student #Top15YoungGeeks - Class of 2024

Sol Plaatje University

Freddie Manyate

  • Organisation: Sol Plaatje University
  • Role: Student

Freddie's Biography

Freddie actively participates in the community by serving as a volunteer robotics coach for four Kimberley neighborhood schools. They also organize vacwork programs to teach digital skills to jobless kids in rural communities like Kathu, Springbok, and Tsineng Village in Kuruman. He is the chairperson of Geekulcha Student Society in SPU. The individual works as a student assistant, wellness warrior, and peer educator at Sol Plaatje University.

In 2022, the was honored as the best peer educator of the year. Together with academic advisers, they have helped develop a platform that aims to reduce students' academic stress while gathering information on difficult courses for the university's Center for Teaching, Learning, and Programme Development (CTLDP).

In addition, he assists fellow students in developing their technology skills by volunteering as tutor for courses like programming, Android development, and app development. In general, they engage in robotics education, technology education, community outreach, and student welfare, with an emphasis on empowering people, closing educational gaps, and encouraging social innovation.

Dear South African Geeks,

In this lively and creative community where art meets technology, and innovation drives our common goals, I’m excited to reach out and connect. Let’s work together to create solutions that not only enhance our skills but also make a positive impact on our communities. As we navigate the world of technology, let’s use our collective knowledge to build something great.

- Freddie Manyate

Freddie's Work

  • For the Center for Teaching Learning and Program Development (CTLPD), the individual created the Student Data Collection App (CTLPD), a web application. This application's goals are to collect student data, assess how well the modules contribute to students' achievement, and facilitate future module updates. Furthermore, they designed the Venue Booking System (CTLPD), an intuitive online tool that enables lecturers to book venues for class lectures, module recordings, and practicals inside the CTLPD.

    This technique helps to improve staff and students' overall educational experiences. Additionally, the individual developed a platform for Sol Plaatje University to sell university merchandise. By facilitating the selling of university items, this e-commerce web application offers staff and students a more convenient and better buying experience. The individual is currently actively in charge of the Coursework Collaboration Platform, a continuing project.

    The aim of this endeavor is to create a cooperative environment where students may interact and support one another with their assignments. Reducing academic pressures and fostering a helpful academic community are the ultimate goals.

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