Top 15 Young Geeks of 2020

Recognising local talent, herewith the Top 15 Young Geeks doing
the work beyond the surface within the local Geek Culture.

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Profiling Talent

A check on the health of the South Africa Geek Culture, work being done, shortfalls and future forecast.

Channel Support

Highlighting the needs of local Geeks and Highlighting the needs for support to nurture young talent.

Inspire The Future

A quest to help young school learners see what is possible and build up same energy and stamina on them.

What's this about?

The role of Geekulcha in this journey is to create and enable platforms for Innovation and Creativity. In this regard, the organization also seek to showcase the shifts and health of the South Africa Geek Culture.

During the Youth Month, Geekulcha name and honor Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa. These are the minds marking their stamp and playing a greater role in the Digital Revolution. These are Geeks who have been identified as being a role player in the transformation.

One gets nominated and selected to be on the list based on the work they had been doing and contributing the SA tech ecosystem.

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Here are the Geeks named for 2020 #Top15YoungGeeks

Top 15 Young Geeks of 2020

Dale Deacon


Changing the VR game

In 19, he started the WeAreVR JOZI & WeAreVR AFRICA communities to coordinate the education and collaboration of designers and developers in th...

Farisani Nonyana

Software Developer/ Mediro-ICT / GirlCode

Leave No One Behind

Farisani strives to introduce young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to the world of tech.

What she is doing is contributing to the SA tech ecosy...

Gift Mogeni


A Self taught Developer and he is one of the developers who believe in Hackathons and he is pushing up coming developers to attend Hackathons which he acts as Mentor to lots of kids out there.

Karabo Maboka

Data Science Student/ Deviare

Fulfilling Passion

He is committed to the ICT and Data Science industry, has the intention of not only empowering himself with the industry, but also empower those who are not previlage...

Keoikantse Botlholo


Building up support

It would hopefully reach more young developers and startups' Directors to look into doing the same, "opening the industry like we usually say".

Kutlwano Tshatiwa

Software Developer/ Eskom Expo For Young Scientists

Future GeekStar

At the age 14 years old. But not only because of age, but also because of obstacles he came across when I started programming. He did not have a laptop to program on but...

Lyth Brown

Chief Business Officer/ Qubit Engineering

Making Business Sense

Essentially Lyth is a person who possesses a studious attitude towards all tasks/jobs and has a strong willed persona with excellent people skills.

Madimetja Simon Sekele

Co-Founder/ Intelligent Systems Innovators SA

Simon believes in growing the Geek ecosystem and bringing/mentoring as many students as possible to engage in Hackathons and do some tech work out of academic.

Self-taught himself a...

Nangamso Tshwete

Software Developer/ Amdocs

Developer on the move

Described as 'quite sharp and perceptive', Nangamso grasps complexity quite well and works well with others. She's been given recognition all over the...

Nhlanhla Mahlangu

Data Scientist/ Ignition Group

He is a Junior Data Scientist with skills in creating data pipelines using technologies such as Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server, Python, AWS Cloud(EC2, S3 etc), demonstrated ability on create Machi...

Peter Moremi

Founder/ Hop Business Solutions

Beside, Peter is been in an IT environment or space for the last 10 years, developed number of different project including running his website development company called Hop for th...

Raesetje Sefala

Masters Student/ Wits University

Address World Problems - Data Science

Raesetje is passionate about what she does. Not only is she focused on technical problem solving but she is also passionate about seeing more women...

Tsitsi Marote

Data Scientist/

Tsitsi is co-owner of Guardian Health. She is also thriving in a male dominated industry and team as a Data Scientist and Data Engineer. She is the only woman in her team and has thrived in under 2...

Tumelo Baloyi


Code Monger, Dragon Slayer, Activist, Makes a living writing words that execute actions, your local Full stack ninja, hates books loves the internet Experience Workerslife Software Engineer June 20...

Vanessa Sekati

Co-Founder/ VT Netsecure

A Digitally-Secure World

I am on a mission to change the world, I started VT Netsecure to combat one of the issues we face as the world currently which is cyber security attacks.