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Team Tecalyst Advocate Social Action Through Design

A 3rd place winner, this team designed for almost all the groups at the VacWork programme. They designs and upliftment of artists seek to drive an artistic way to communicate the digital message on...

8 months ago by Tiyani

Tech Debate: 4IR is Characterized by Speed

Sketch Inc. (A) vs. Abel Motshoane Secondary School (O), the Affairmative team for the debate session argued that the 4th Industrial Revolution shifts are not accomodating to rural and townships co...

8 months ago by Tiyani

Team Poetree: Tackling The Suicide Issue

Can you poet? Team Poetree create a web solution to help you learn how to write poems, read and publish your work. This is aimed at helping youht express themselves through poetry and reduce the ad...

8 months ago by Tiyani

Space Focus - It's Just Rocket Science

Space was one of the focus areas for the March edition of the VacWork programme. Mr Lee Annamalai with Amaya Space inspired the youngsters on Space Tech and GeoData Analytics. Team Still Loadi...

8 months ago by Tiyani

VKLM Executive Mayor Judges Delmas VacWork


Executive Mayor of the Victor Khanye Local Municipality, Cllr Eva Makhabane addressed the and also joined the judging panel in Delmas. This was part of the finale for the Octo...

8 months ago by Tiyani

Prieska July 2018: Building A Value Of Mentorship

The South African digital ecosystem is for us to nurture and guide as we live up to the Smart Growing world. Youngsters in Prieska Northern Cape, got explore the importance of mentorship in one'...

8 months ago by Tiyani

GK2021 - Reflecting On The Year 2021

The year 2021 was another year to try harder in the midst of the pandemic and the local Geek Culture did not stop short in making things happen towards building solutions that matters or to enhance...

9 months ago by Tiyani