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GKSS-NWU Enabling National Tech Emancipation Ko Vaal

Most of the tech and innovation programmes in South Africa are centred at the economic of country, Johannesburg and this tends to set some parts of the country at a disadvantage. If you are in Pret...

6 months ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

Lead Geekulcha On Campus

The Geekulcha Student Society(GKSS) programme was created to help build Student Tech and Innovation on campus. Created in 2015,the very first GKSS chapterwas established at the Sol Plaatje Universi...

10 months ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

ATT STUDENTS: Lead Geekulcha On Campus

Geekulcha is where the young, skilled, creative and ambitious tech minds meet to connect with each other, share knowledge, collaborate on projects, network with industry leaders, obtain training to...

1 year ago by Tiyani Nghonyama