Geekulcha and mLab Southern Africa Partnership

Here is an outline of what Geekulcha has done with mLab Southern Africa in the tech/digital ecosystem. As a player in Incubator, mLab Southern Africa is seen as a strategic for the partnership to help grow the Geek Culture.

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About mLab Southern Africa

TALENT, TECHNOLOGY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Talent, Technology and Entrepreneurship are the pillars on which Africa will build a prosperous and sustainable future.

mLab is a tech-centred business working alongside partners to build a vibrant, robust innovation ecosystem. We do this by identifying and nurturing the tech-talent among our youth, supporting budding tech-entrepreneurs and their fledgling businesses, and creating tech that brings about change and improves the lives of all South Africans. We also run a number of pan-African programmes to broaden the reach and impact of our participants and stakeholders alike.

Partnership Programmes

Social Impact