Geekulcha and Mafikeng Digital Innovation Hub Partnership

Here is an outline of what Geekulcha has done with Mafikeng Digital Innovation Hub in the tech/digital ecosystem. As a player in Incubator, Mafikeng Digital Innovation Hub is seen as a strategic for the partnership to help grow the Geek Culture.

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About Mafikeng Digital Innovation Hub

MDIHub is an innovative co-working techno hub in the heart of Mahikeng- capital city of North West Province, with our focus being on unearthing and cultivating innovative solutions that will ultimately assist communities to acclimatize in this vast changing technological world, while creating new business pipelines, new and future jobs, improving efficiency and effectiveness in the North West province.

Partnership Programmes

The UK-SA Digital Literacy For Development (DL4D) Training Project

SATNAC Cybersecurity Hackathon