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Meet Geekulcha

Home of the Geeks

Geekulcha is where the young, skilled, creative and ambitious tech minds meet to connect with each other, share knowledge, collaborate on projects, network with industry leaders, obtain training to further improve and enhance their skills and to put that newly acquired skill to work. The platform has over 19 000 techies and innovators across Africa.

Established 15 March 2013, our focus is on empowering young geeks through ICT skills development and training while giving them a taste of what awaits them in the big world through industry exposure.

DIRECTORS: Mixo Ngoveni and Tiyani Nghonyama

Enterprising Mankind: Social, Civic and Inclusive

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the South African tech ecosystem is competitive and as the build cool technological solutions, there is an element of sustainability as much as possible.

  • Exposure to new and emerging technologies in the ecosystem
  • Inclusive growth pad across the African continent
  • Enabling accesss to the industry
  • Creation of tools for access and growth needs
  • Grooming future leaders of the industry and society

Geekulcha 2024 Focus Outset

Against the Geekulcha mantra, community is at the centre of all Geekulcha programmes and various activities are created to foster growth and channel development of human capacity. The Kulcha of Business has been set as Geekulcha's focus outset in 2023 to help accelerate scale up of business solutions.

What Geekulcha is

  • A platform for skills and solution development
  • Industry gateway to tech talent across Africa
  • Need-based solution developers
  • An award-winning tech movement, championing tech excitation and enlightenment

What Geekulcha is not

  • Recruitment agency
  • Full development house
  • Innovation funding organization
  • Startup incubator

Geekulcha is the ultimate home of the geeks

Connecting with like-minded people, Geekulcha provides a platform for young tech talent to express themselves, master their craft and put skills into real use.